World Literacy Day

On 8th September, like every year, we along with the world, observed World Literacy Day. We tried to look into the matter, as to where does India stand in this larger picture and what is the status of Literacy and Education in our country.

World Literacy Day


Independence Day : The Bribe Republic

India enters its 67th year of Independence, and there is so much to be concerned about. But most importantly, we are affected by the corruption, which is rampant pan-India. We try here to bring forward the menace of bribery.

Happy Independence Day


End of SS Season – Window Display Designs 2013

This year round is the time for END of SEASON SALE. Showrooms in city based malls in Delhi worked on their windows displays to get ready to lure customers. Others re-did their displays to sustain in the on going hullabaloo.

The visible trends are quirky displays of colors and objects. While some chose to go whacky to display their apparels, some kept it subtle by exploring materials and objects, as it is. Overall ambiance was set as vibrant and playful since SALE time is a shopper’s carnival.

World Population Day

Population is a great human resource which paves way for technological, socio-economic and cultural development in a society. But its excess is great curse which produces a wide variety of impedi­ments to development and creates a number of problems.

India itself, with the current growth rate, will surpass China as the most populated country by 2030. Its time we wake up and wake others up.World Population Day

Spring Summer 2013 Window Display

Presenting here, some of the trends spotted in window displays in Delhi area for the spring summer collection. Notable things are bright hues and experimental clothing in apparel windows, and use of vintage material and sensibilities when displaying accessories. Basically to set a very travel-and-leisure mood. Some windows were spotted using bright neon hues notably pink and oranges.

World Environment Day : Infographic

We are enthusiastic and when ideas churn out, we do not stop. Everyone likes the icing on the cake.

For World Environment day, observed worldwide on 5th June, here is another infographic telling us the state of marine biosphere and the dangers around it.

World Environment Day Save Ocean

World Environment Day

World Environment Day (‘WED’) is observed every year on 5th June to raise global awareness of the need to conserve and nurture environment and natural resources.

So here we are, doing our bit in the best way we know to do.

World Environment Day Save Water

American Swan

American Swan, owned by The American Swan Lifestyle Company, is a global, premium on-line Fashion & Lifestyle Brand with a distinctive range of Men’s and Women’s apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Beauty & Fragrance and Home products.
The objective was to design a catalogue cum brochure, which in essence portrays brand values and imagery.


BBC Media Report

The purpose of the organization is to use media and communication to reduce poverty and support people in understanding their rights.

The aim of the Earth Headlines is to improve the quality and quantity of Indian media coverage of climate change issues.We worked with them to put together the data and outcomes in form of an interesting looking report with the help of information graphics for easier reading.

Kolhapuri Magic!

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