Why Good Design is Good Investment?

1. CREATE IMPRESSION You get one twentieth of a second to create an impression through your website . Almost 90% of the potential clients you meet will never call you back as the first impression you left with your business card was anything but memorable. What’s missing? yes you guessed it right, a kickass design!

2. HIGH RECALL VALUE Which was the last advertisement you saw, or a business card? Are you still drooling over the last iPhone app you saw? You tend to remember well designed stuff. Good design is that which offers high recall value and often its the simplest.

3. GET GOOD RETURNS A study suggests that if you invest 100$ on good design your return of investment is 400$, doesn’t it all make good business sense?

4. CUT THE CLUTTER  In today’s world a person is exposed to a whopping 3000 – 5000 marketing messages in a day, A well designed and well conceptualised marketing/promotional message instantly get your attention.

BUILDS TRUST Good design helps build trust. For example you visit 100’s of e-com websites each day, you tend to transact on websites which are clean and interactive. 



About shilpawadhwa

I am co-creator at WishBox Studio, in another universe I am an explorer, dreamer, a food enthusiast and self proclaimed photographer...and everything else that makes life interesting.

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